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Bodegas Luis Canas

Based on the philosophy that a good wine can only be obtained from good grapes, Bodegas Luis Cañas works every day with renewed enthusiasm to obtain wines of the very finest quality. ​The winery is owned and directed by Juan Luis Cañas, considered one of the most restless vintners in the country. Dynamic, edgy and a perfectionist, he has a real passion for vineyard and cellar, to which he devotes his life. In 1994 he opened a modern winery equipped with the best processing systems. Since then Bodegas Luis Cañas has continued its endeavours with its facilities undergoing constant improvements and expansions to further enhance the quality of its wines. Thanks to its good work, care and attention to winemaking, both the Luis Cañas winery itself and the wines have been recognised with prestigious awards worldwide.

Bodegas Luis Canas

Bodega Luis Cañas is a family winery which for more than two centuries has devoted itself to viticulture and winemaking. However, it was not until 1970 when Luis Cañas first hit the market selling its young bottled wine which until then it had sold only in bulk. From this date onwards, it begins to experience a rise in sales and what is today one of the leading wineries in the Rioja Alavesa begins to take shape. 1989 marks a new milestone in the winery’s transformation when Juan Luis Cañas, the only son of Mr Luis Cañas takes charge of the same. Aged 33 , he brings fresh ideas to the table and begins to develop new wines at the same time as he promotes increasingly aged wines, beginning to lay the foundations of what would later become the new winery
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