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St John’s Road

​The St John’s Road winemaking philosophy was founded on a vision to produce wines which are authentic and humble, yet proud about their sense of place. Ultimately, St John’s Road wines seek to preserve the inherent fruit characteristics from the vineyard whilst making stylish wines of true varietal character and depth of flavours with great texture. We believe that all of our wines should convey a sense of the place and the season in which they were grown.

St John’s Road

​Inspired after managing a B&B in the south of France, Vivien and the late Martin Rawlinson established St John’s Road in 2001 with the vision to produce fruitful yet elegant wines which truly reflect the essence of the Barossa. Custodianship of St John’s Road now rests with the motley bunch of Phil Lehmann, Dale Wyman, Alister Mibus and Jonathon Hesketh. Their aim is to uphold Vivian and Martin’s vision of producing wines which are not only true to the Barossa, but also to the estate vineyards where the wines are grown.
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