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​Carpineto’s visionary founders recognized the untapped potential of the Tuscan landscape to produce truly great wines. By applying modern viticulture and winemaking techniques, they dramatically exceeded the quality standards of the day. Under their leadership, Carpineto developed an award winning, international reputation for elegant wines of approachable intensity and extract, as well as consistency vintage after vintage. Today Carpineto has reinforced these characteristics, while maintaining an approachable wine style due in part to an extensive bottle-aging program. In fact “riserva” wines are bottle-aged a total of six to twelve months longer than the minimum time required by DOCG appellation rules. Today experimentation goes hand in hand with the spirit of innovation of the founders, with respect for historical Tuscan values. The product line includes wines from the most prestigious Tuscan DOCG appellations to varietal specific wines of great structure, as well as innovative proprietary blends. Carpineto exports the majority of its wine production to over 70 countries worldwide. About 95% of Carpineto’s wine production is red wine, with the majority being wines that are aged three or more years before their release date. 88% of grapes are estate grown, culminating in over 2m bottles produced annually.


​Founded in 1967, Carpineto is a partnership between Giovanni C. Sacchet and Antonio M. Zaccheo, whose original mission was to produce a world-class red wine from the Chianti Classico appellation. An enologist by vocation, not by family tradition, Giovanni Carlo Sacchet fell in love with Tuscany, his adopted land. He is originally from the province of Belluno, a mountainous area at the northeast corner of Italy. After graduating from the School of Enology in Conegliano he moved to Tuscany where he began his professional experience contributing to the Tuscan wine Renaissance. It was destiny that he should meet Antonio Mario Zaccheo, with whom he shares the same passion and objectives. Together they embarked on a great adventure in Chianti Classico called ‘Carpineto’. Born to a family of winemakers, Antonio Mario Zaccheo’s experience began at the family farm first in Puglia then in Lazio, near Rome. Since his youth, he was involved in all aspects of grape growing and winemaking, as well as sales, never having any doubt that he was going to remain a winemaker. After graduating from high school he was convinced that the Chianti Classico region was the place for realizing his dreams. It was destiny that he should meet Giovanni Carlo Sacchet, with whom he shares a love for Tuscany as well as the same passion and objectives. Together they embarked on a great Tuscan adventure called ‘Carpineto’, which today is a quality leader known worldwide.
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