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​KWV is one of the leading wine and spirits producers in South Africa. Its head office is located in Paarl, in the Western Cape region - one of the country’s top wine producing regions. The company sources wines and grapes from the best and most sought after viticultural regions in South Africa. With a long history of brandies, KWV produces only the best quality golden brandies, KWV has a brandy for every occasion. We use French oak barrels and our secret ingredient - more than 90 years’ experience. We have a brandy for every taste from the lively 3 year old brandy to the full-bodied 20 year old brandy.


​The KWV House of Brandy in Worcester in the heart of the Breede River Valley comprises the biggest distillery of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere, with a total of 120 copper potstills on the premises. The giant KWV House of Brandy distillery also boasts a 25 hectolitre potstill and the cellar has a production capacity of 367 500 litres of wine per day. Here, brandies are carefully distilled twice to an alcohol strength of 70% by volume, ensuring sufficient copper contact and concentration of aromatic flavours. In South Africa, grapes are grown specifically for brandy making purposes as opposed to some other countries where brandy making becomes a means of removing surplus alcohol, and it was found that grapes grown in the Breede River Valley produce brandies of exceptional quality.
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