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Pals - ‘The best tasting ones’ Product quality is #1, we went the extra mile on all aspects. High quality base spirits for a far more premium product. All-natural flavours & real fruit extracts. No artificialcolours, sweetners or preservatives - ZERO compromise on taste. Low sugar from Hawkés Bay Apples (from less than 0.8 grams per 100ml) Low Carb, Gluten Free, & Vegan Friendly Low calories (starting from 31 cals per 100ml)


LAUNCHED OCTOBER 2019 BY THE TEAM BEHIND MASTER OF CEREMONIES WINE, MADE UP OF FRIENDS, MAT CROAD, NICK MARSHALL AND JAY & ANNA REEVE. Pals is fun, humorous but a little more astute, a cut above the rest! Pals is one of the fastest growing alcohol brands in NZ history. 0 to 700+ retail stockists in first 8 months with no traditional distribution, all customer lead demand. Growth fueled without any marketing spend, 0 to 17k Instagram followers in first 8 months. The tagline “the best tasting one” has been consumer generated giving us a unique advantage as the standout product in the fast growing ‘better for you’ category. Pals has already organically been ingrained into NZ culture with the use of ‘Pals’ in key events, e.g. Palentines Day, customers creating their own Pals art and merchandise and even some customers getting Pals tattoos!
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