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Angostura Rums

​We know you’ve heard of Angostura® aromatic bitters. However, to those who know, Angostura is just as famous for its unique rums.The House of Angostura has been in the business of making fine spirits since 1824. That’s almost 200 years experience of fermenting, distilling, ageing, and blending, which come together to deliver truly smooth rum, quite different from any other rum produced in the Caribbean.

Angostura Rums

Our rum is made from molasses, the dark, rich-smelling treacle-like liquid that is a by product of commercial sugar production. This sugary syrup, which varies from light brown to almost black in colour, is the first ingredient we have to get it right. The higher the sugar content of the molasses, the better the quality and this, in turn, produces a better quality rum. We only use molasses with a minimum 50% sugar content. To ensure that we get the best quality sugar cane we make sure that the canes are picked at just the right time, when the sugar content is at its very highest, we watch the butterflies land on the sweetest sugar cane. That’s how we know it’s ready to be harvested. The molasses is then fermented. A natural yeast consumes the sugar and turns it into alcohol. This metamorphoses of sugar into alcohol and carbon dioxide progresses until all the sugar is consumed. As the alcohol content increases, the yeast content diminishes. The personality of the spirit comes from the yeasts used – we use our own grown yeast, which is the same recipe used since 1930. What’s required next is to take this essence, which contains the soul of our rums, and distill it to concentrate the spirit and focus the flavours. We use up to five stills during the distillation process and distiller is always carefully selecting the flavours. After distillation, it’s time for the rums to be barrelled and aged.
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