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​Gemtree is a family-owned winery located in McLaren Vale, South Australia. Committed to sustainable viticulture, the winery and vineyard are certified organic and follow biodynamic principles. For the family it is not just about winemaking…it is about setting new standards for sustainable, generational farming. “We see ourselves as custodians of the land and we want to leave it in a better condition than we found it. We want our legacy to live on for our children.” Rather than use herbicides and pesticides, Gemtree uses sheep to tend to weeds and wood ducks to deal with insects. Two alpacas act as shepherds and their dung is used to fertilise the vines.


​Winegrowers for more than 30 years, Gemtree Wines now own 328 acres of biodynamic and certified organic vineyards across three main sites: Tatachilla Road behind the township of McLaren Vale and the two Gemtree Vineyards in the foothills of McLaren Flat. Gemtree achieved organic certification in November 2011 and is currently certified by Australian Certified Organics. Melissa Brown, the viticulturist, started farming biodynamically in 2007 but took a very pragmatic approach to the transition. They started slowly and now after several years have noticed a big difference in the health of the vineyard and quality of fruit.
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