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​Mannara, meaning “herd” or “farm” in Sicilian, is also a common surname in Southern Italy. This land is closely connected to the people who live in this area, whether they are growers of grapes and producers of local wines,or craftsmen, or shepherds (also called “mannari” in Sicilian) that still follow the footsteps of their ancestors. This profound connection to tradition and the earth invoke images and emotions that Mannara wines wish to embody.


​It’s hard to believe that Sicily alone produces more wine than the whole of Australia! Much of the wine used to be of dubious quality and was considered unfashionable. That was until the mid-90s when the now famous Planeta family almost single-handedly dragged the entire Sicilian wine industry out of the Doldrums with them. Now there is an abundance of top producers and quality can be found across all levels, providing real bang for your buck!
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