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Charles Melton Father in Law Shiraz

​Sourced from the family vineyards in the Barossa Valley and Charlie’s father‐in‐law’s vineyard in Clare, the Father‐in‐Law Shiraz has a linear structure that portrays the uniqueness of collaborating fruit from two beautiful South Australian wine regions.

Charles Melton Father in Law Shiraz

​Since the first vintage of Charles Melton Wines in 1984, this small Barossa Valley winery has gained both national and international recognition for its fine red table wines.

Charles Melton Father in Law Shiraz

​Full, but not overly big. A good medium-to-deep coloured wine with bright hues. Prior to fermentation in steel tanks, the wine was aged on lees in predominantly older oak, with a light touch of new oak incorporated to give extra mid-palate richness. The perfect family gathering Shiraz.

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