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Yellow Tail Cabernet Merlot

​Cabernet and Merlot make great partners - Cabernet offers smooth, silky texture while Merlot fleshes out the palate. The dark fruit flavours of Cabernet are given a hand by the chocolate and plum notes from Merlot. In all it’s a great partnership that results in a full flavoured yet supple wine.

Yellow Tail Cabernet Merlot

​The Casella family has produced wines since the 1820s in Italy. However in 1957 the Casella family, headed by Filippo Casella and his wife Maria, moved to Australia for a better life. In 1965, they bought land near the township of Yenda outside of Griffith in New South Wales, and here they began their grape growing. Grape growing became wine making, and wine making needed a winery, and so a few more years down the track and in 1969 their winery was born. After years of toil and great success the Casellas took another step and 2001 saw the creation of [yellow tail].

Yellow Tail Cabernet Merlot

​Genuine Cabernet Merlot aromatics with pepper, red berries, herbal notes and hints of cedar. Classic Cabernet Merlot with blackcurrant and mocha with a hint of cinnamon and cloves. Soft, rich texture with a long juicy finish. This wine makes great friends with classic rare roast beef and spiced lamb cutlets.

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