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Limoncello di Capri

We still produce the world famous Limoncello di Capri according to the old, original recipe, which has not changed a bit over the years. We still use the traditional method, in full compliance with the heritage and tastes of the Isle of Capri. Following the family traditions Limoncello di Capri is obtained from the infusion in alcohol of Limone di Sorrento PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) peels, in full compliance with the strict technical guidelines. Limoncello di Capri is 100% natural, and is produced without the use of preservatives, stabilisers and artificial colourings and flavourings. Moreover, Limoncello di Capri S.r.l. is the only company in the Italian industry that embraces a strict process of control over the whole production thread, from raw lemons to end product.

Limoncello di Capri

​At the beginning of the 19th century, Capri developed a great passion for making its guests feel welcome. Travellers would find accommodation in religious hermitages, or among families of fishermen or farmers. A true pioneer in the hospitality sector was our “nonna”, grandma Vincenza Canale, owner of the legendary hotel “Mariantonia”, in which guests were offered the Limoncello she had made. Well-known characters and famous patrons – among them, Ignazio and Arturo Cerio, J. Fersen, Axel Munthe, F. A. Krupp, Amedeo Maiuri and many others – gathered at sunset at the hotel, for a taste of Limoncello. In 1988 we, the descendants of Vincenza Canale, founded Limoncello di Capri S.r.l., the first company to use and patent the term “limoncello”, i.e. an evolution of the ancient Caprese word “limonillo”.
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