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Acqua Panna

Acqua Panna, Italy’s favourite still mineral water rises to the surface of the Apennines in Tuscany where it has been revered for its health giving properties since the early 13th century. Brilliant and crystal-clear, Acqua Panna leaves a sensation of lightness and softness. Acqua Panna is completely balanced, refreshing water with rare ability of enhancing the most subtle and refined flavours of the world’s finest foods and wines.

Acqua Panna

Acqua Panna is proud of a long history. Legend says that its estate dates as far back as the Renaissance period, to the days of the famed de Medici family of Florence. The de Medici’s were known for their sumptuous banquets and their love for fine wine and food and, the lore has it, this way these Renaissance gourmet secured themselves a constant supply of fresh mineral water for daily use in court and for their memorable banquets as well. The charm of the legendary Medici family’s ancient hunting reserve has remained unchanged: Villa Panna was recently the object of meticulous renovation works that restored its original beauty. Rich in works of art, the villa perfectly blends into the lush surrounding nature. In 1860, when the estate was purchased by Marquis Torrigiani, Villa Panna was converted into a full summer residence with artificial lakes, statues and decorations (Marquis Torrigiani created the first mineral water production facility, which shortly became the favourite table water of the Florentine elite). The adjacent chapel, which was commissioned by Grand Duke Francis I in 1572, prides in terracotta that can be attributed to the school of Della Robbia. During the period 2004-2007, Villa Panna was the object of meticulous renovation works that restored its original beauty. Today, Villa Panna - a great asset for the mineral water by the same name, still bottled here - functions as an outstanding meeting place for events and press conferences.
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