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Baron d’Arignac Cabernet Sauvignon

​Made by France’s largest wine producer, LGCF. LGCF is headquartered in Alsace and also has a large site south of Bordeaux. The company accounts of 17% of France’s bottles wine exports (excluding Champagne). The Vineyards located in Languedoc‐Roussillon, in the Aude region of France, where the soils of sand and alluvial deposits nature the vines. After harvesting, the grapes are de‐stemmed, crushed then undergo a hot maceration before being pressed. The wine is stored in vats, then racked, filtered and bottled. A medium intensity ruby red colour and a spicy bouquet with notes of red fruit and currants make this a round and ample wine with a very supple palate. Baron d’Arignac is a great value French imported red wine, suitable with a wide range of food including cold meats, Italian dishes, salad and cheese.

Baron d’Arignac Cabernet Sauvignon

​The Baron D’Arignac was born in 1649 in a castle of Arignac which was the property of his family since 1455. Located in the hearth of the Pyrenees Mountains, Arignac was an unforgettable place for Baron D’Arignac where he spent his happy childhood with natures around. After visiting his uncle’s vineyards in pays d’Oc, Baron D’Arignac, at the age of 18, a young man full of passion and ambitions, decided to learn wines, a sea of knowledge! The wine Baron d’Arignac continued its legend. In 1980’s, this brand was officially commercialized in France. The decedents carefully conserved Baron d’Arignac’s principles, adhering to wine-making traditions and developing the wine packaging and product range. Authentic and entrenched in tradition, Baron D’Arignac achieved a huge success. The wines have been exported all around the world. For almost 30 years, Baron D’Arignac is a great companion of the best moments in people’s lives. In 2011, more than 5 millions of Baron d’Arignac bottles were consumed worldwide.
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