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MGM Mondo del Vino

​If you had to pick a favourite Italian wine region, you would probably find it impossible to choose just one! Mondo del Vino makes it easier by producing memorable wines in Sicily, Puglia, Emilia Romagna, Abruzzo and Piedmonte, to name just a few! Their mission is to improve the tradition of Italian wine. Grape harvesting and processing is not just enough to make an excellent wine. It takes passion, curiosity, and enthusiasm. These are exactly the values shared by all the staff working every day at MGM Mondo del Vino and which have turned them into one of the fifteen top Italian wine exporters. Today, the production of MGM is closely followed by oenologists and biologists, who control every stage of winemaking, ageing, bottling and quality, in order to reach our main objective: making customers happy.
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