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​You don’t say Sambuca, you say Molinari. Angelo Molinari was a self made man who began his career in his own bar in Addis Ababa during the 1930’s. He returned to Civitavecchia (north of Rome) in Italy after WWII and began making flavoured spirits. After several attempts Angelo Molinari found success in the 1940’s by selling his spirits in Civitavechia under the Molinari family name. From package to aromatics and of the course the taste the Molinari Sambuca Extra is thick with authenticity. Molinari is the world’s #1 selling Sambuca. The recipe has remained a closely guarded family secret entrusted to just one family in each generation. This is Italy’s bestselling liqueur and the Molinari brand is demanded around the globe.


​The history of Molinari is not just the history of a company or a brand, it is instead the story of a name that became an institution both in Italy and worldwide, a name so important it is synonymous with the drink itself. Back in 1945, in Civitavecchia, Angelo Molinari, an experienced and skilled ‘liquorista’, establishes the company and creates a first-class product, with an unmistakable flavour: ‘Sambuca Extra’.
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