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Sanpellegrino Fruit Beverages

​ Launched in 1932, Sanpellegrino Sparkling Fruit Beverages are a delicious mix of pure citrus fruits and lightly carbonated mineral water. Visually inspiring in their orange peel textured bottles, most contain between 12% and 18% real fruit juice. Deliciously refreshing when served chilled on their own or as a cocktail with your favourite spirit.

Sanpellegrino Fruit Beverages

​The deliciousness of Sanpellegrino sparkling fruit beverages has always been ensured by its exclusive use of high quality citrus, and by sophisticated technological innovations which make it possible to translate the extreme high quality of raw materials into equally first-rate finished products, ensuring nutritional properties remain unaltered and thus avoiding the addition of preservatives. The aces up Sanpellegrino’s sleeve are: a) Pasteurization A heating process for food and beverage that guarantee an optimal preservation of the product and makes the addition of preservatives unnecessary. In 1932, Sanpellegrino was one of the first companies to turn to pasteurization, considered a revolutionary technological innovation at the time. Innovation, combined with the Italian tradition of “spremuta” (literary squeezed juice), created an exclusive product with a unique taste. b) Flavouring process This production process is an exclusivity of the Sanpellegrino Company that make it able to respect the old Italian traditional recipe still today. Once concentrated, the juice is kept at low temperature and then the orange paste is kneaded with concentrated orange oil. The only additional ingredients are essential oils, which are strictly natural and extracted from fruit: these add a unique fragrance that recreates for the consumer the sensory experience of holding a ripe, freshly picked piece of fruit.
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