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​Frustrated with inferior mass market cordials and syrups, we formed a collective of smart and restless minds to fix this. We’ve applied the best of modern and old fashioned techniques. We only use premium natural and organic ingredients with organic brown rice syrup via a small batch, slow-brew process. This nifty innovation allows us to deliver bold flavours. We used real fruit and distilled it over a period of days. We avoided heavily processed concentrates,which are often used by other syrup makers. This pulls more flavour and natural oils from the fruit requiring less sugar.

Soda Press

​It was started by a Soda-Jerk called Cameron… In fact Cam is the Head Jerk at The Soda Press Co. In the 1950’s a ‘Soda-Jerk’ was (and still is) a respectable job, similar to what coffee barristers are today. But even though Cam grew up in Canterbury surrounded by generations of great cooks - men and women who knew exactly where their food came from - it’s fair to say that Cam is the first Jerk in the family. The recipes of his childhood were packed with ingredients stolen from the neighbour’s fruit trees or purchased from local farmer’s crops where the family would drive out to buy direct. Once Cam left NZ to see the rest of the world, he found that a lot of food seemed flat, especially in the drinks and cordials department, where fresh fruit was being replaced by fruit pulps stripped of their natural sweetness and aromatic flavours. This always bugged Cameron, who even though he studied and worked in advertising for many years, found himself asking cafe and wait staff just where those eggs and that chicken came from. It seemed he was constantly searching for food reminiscent of home. These experiences added up for Cameron - New Zealand had a wealth of great produce to work with and he discovered that he’d love to spend his life doing something food related. Soda Press Co is a little company with big ambitions and we think people’s palates deserve more....
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