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Vigneti Zabu

T​his is a young estate, with vineyards planted 5 years ago on the hills around Lake Arancio in Sambuca di Sicilia in southwestern Sicily. The uncontaminated area of Sambuca di Sicilia is a rich land with ancient vineyards, heirs of a thousand-year-old tradition. A place with clear skies, thanks to the absence of factories or other polluting activities, a lake with its crystal-clear water called Lake Arancio, and a perfect microclimate, thanks to important temperature ranges even during summer. These are the perfect conditions for a viticulture characterized by unique qualities. The art of winemaking can create nothing more than what the grapes contain in nature: this is the reason why our wines are so good. Vines completely integrated with the soil, since the ancient times, finding a unique natural habitat; the experience and passion of the farmers, who live together with the vines 365 days a year and love and care about them and a fantastic team, made of experienced agronomists and winemakers, whose task is to put into a bottle the particular qualities of the grapes.

Vigneti Zabu

​Lying on a hill, in the Belice Valley, where a lush vegetation surrounds the town, Sambuca di Sicilia is rich in myths and local legends. The origin of the name came from its founder, the Arab emir Al Zabuth the Charming, who gave to the town a great impetus for the revival of agriculture. The country was inhabited since the ancient times and there are lots of archaeological finds that show how during the centuries, generations of farmers reached high quality targets, always with respect to nature.
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