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Wenneker Schnapps

Our Wenneker Schnapps consist of 2 delicious fruit varieties, which are bottled in the original frosted 1,0 litre Wenneker bottle. The alcohol content of the Wenneker Schnapps flavours is 15% & both are transparent. Therefore the Schnapps is an ideal cocktail ingredient. However we prefer to serve them cool or with some ice-cubes, as they are all delicious on their own. Wenneker Peach Schnapps is a real fresh and fruity peach liqueur & Wenneker Butterscotch Schnapps is smooth, sweet and creamy.

Wenneker Schnapps

The history of the Wenneker Liqueurs goes back as far as the Golden Age when the Dutch started importing exciting fresh herbs and spices from “The East”. That is how it all began. Nowadays, Wenneker Liqueurs find their way to bartenders, mixologists, connoisseurs and cocktail-lovers all over the world. No wonder! The quality of Wenneker Liqueurs has been affirmed over the years by the numerous awards our liqueurs have won in the most prestigious worldwide competitions. In addition, the current bottle design for Wenneker Liqueurs was awarded the “range design of the year” in the Wine & Spirits Design competition. A result which was only made possible thanks to the unique collaboration between our designers and professional bartenders, for whom the bottle was designed. The Wenneker Liqueurs range consists of over 40 different quality Liqueurs. This is the world’s biggest range and enables each bartender or cocktail-lover to create his or her own favourite cocktail. Ten flavour categories help you find the flavour which suits you best: Berries, Citrus, Confectionery, Fruit, Nuts, Spices, Herbs, Coffee and Vegetables.
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