Winter Vintage Festival

Saturday September 6th

Welcome to Winter Vintage!

Wellington is long overdue for a good old vintage celebration.
To this end Glory Days Magazine has teamed up with Hendricks Gin to bring you a 1930s circus extravaganza.

James Cabaret will become a time machine to the 1930’s - there is a circus in town and all manner of strange and unusual people are gathered to celebrate strange and unusual happenings. We don’t want you to feel left out so make sure you dress in your best vintage. There will be competitions, races and all manner of giveaways for those who dare to immerse themselves in the spirit of the past….

Winter Vintage will be a daytime and evening event:
10am - 4 pm there will be vendors selling and promoting their vintage wares.
The Circus Trust will be thrilling you and The Xray Cats will rock your socks off

Then from 8 - 12pm Eb and Sparrow play their unique take on alt country, then bring your dancing shoes for The Wellington Shake Em On Downers.