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Banfi Principessa Gavia DOCG

​In the 6th century, Principessa Gavia fell deeply in love with a soldier. Her father, Clodimir, King of the Franks, forbade their marriage, so the lovers eloped to a remote village in northwestern Italy. Charmed by the local white wine, the newlyweds revealed their identity and were brought before the king. He realised their happiness and forgave the couple. The King blessed their union and named after his daughter, both the village and its wine. It is said that their romance lives on in each glass of Principessa Gavia Gavi.

Banfi Principessa Gavia DOCG

​Pale straw in color and an intense, fresh and fruity bouquet, with hints of pineapple and green apple. Crisp with gentle acidity and a dry,balanced aftertaste.

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