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Baron d’Arignac Cabernet Sauvignon

​Blend of Carignan and Grenache from Vineyards located in Languedoc‐Roussillon, in the Aude region of France, where the soils of sand and alluvial deposits nature the vines. After harvesting, the grapes are de‐stemmed, crushed then undergo a hot maceration before being pressed. The wine is stored in vats, then racked, filtered and bottled.

Baron d’Arignac Cabernet Sauvignon

​Since their birth almost forty years ago, Vins de pays (‘country wines’) have become popular the world over as they are, unlike other more complex appellations, both easy to understand and to drink.

Baron d’Arignac Cabernet Sauvignon

​A medium intensity ruby red colour and a spicy bouquet with notes of red fruit and currants make this a round and ample wine with a very supple palate. May be served with a large number of dishes such as cold cuts, salads, grilled meats and cheese.

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