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Champagne Pommery Blue POP

Unconventional, avant-garde, non-conformist, unique. This footloose, slightly provocative product has been transformed into a joyful, dashing Champagne brimming with life and bright prospects. It is unique: POP simply doesn’t have any rivals. Indeed, it is a truly impeccable champagne: it has everything going for it in terms of quality. A blended wine in the best sense of the term, it combines the three Champagne vines: Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier and Chardonnay. Pinot Noir is the dominant grape, affording roundness and fullness in the mouth. Pinot Meunier, to back up the Pinot Noir, adds that dash. Chardonnay, largely from the Grands Crus and the Reims vineyards, procures that pleasurable freshness and provides continuity both for the wine and for the Pommery style, which is in no way undermined. …But also a beautiful design object POP comes in a 20 cl blue glass with a real cork, a traditional wire cap and silvery cap foil which will be appreciated by aficionados, i.e. people of all generations who love to own beautiful things. POP, the international “cult” brand Since 1999 POP has established itself in Paris, London, New York… and today it is available all over the world. In creating POP, Pommery has opened up a new Champagne with a design and a taste adapted to the third millennium.

Champagne Pommery Blue POP

Colour: Extreme brilliance paired with great elegance. Effervescence of great Champagnes, highlighted by very fine bubbles. Nose: Behind a certain passion and thirst for life, a nice freshness but also great delicacy. It is the harbinger of easily accessible pleasure. Palate: This wine has everything to make it the contemporary Champagne, the one we love to drink because it boasts all the attributes: freshness, roundness and fullness. An immediately pleasing wine, it will always distinguish itself, making every occasion even more festive.

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