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Champagne Pommery Brut Royal

Out of the 40 crus comprising Pommery Brut Royal, only 20 of the finest are selected for Pommery Brut Apanage. The Chardonnay grape has an assertive presence. Brut Apanage is left to mature in chalk cellars on the Pommery Estate for a further six months longer than the Brut Royal to allow the subtlety and finesse of Pommery wines to slowly emerge. True to the tradition of Pommery Nature 1874, the dosage reflects the wine’s blend. It has a slightly lower dosage than Pommery Brut Royal

Champagne Pommery Brut Royal

Colour: Brilliant colour, pale yellow, effervescent and lingering. Nose: Fresh, subtle, elegant, creamy, almost butter-like, with citrus fruits (pink grapefruits). Mouthfeel: A wine held together by explosive creaminess. Hazelnuts, dried apricot and vanilla notes are dominated by light tobacco and shortbread. Drinking occasions: An ideal wine to mark the transition from aperitif to the first dish of a meal. Pommery Brut Apanage enhances the liveliness, freshness and finesse of Pommery Brut Royal.

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