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Dancing Sands Sauvignon Blanc Gin

When New Zealand went into COVID lockdown in March 2020, it was the first time Ben and Sarah were forced to take a step back from the day to day work at the distillery. One outstanding idea that had been in the works for two years was marrying New Zealand’s iconic Sauvignon Blanc wine with our Dry Gin. Early results were promising but it was only after working with vacuum-distilled wine that the vibrant flavours of New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc were preserved.

Over lockdown Ben worked daily on a recipe — and then one day he brought Sarah a glass of Gin to try and she was amazed. It tasted just like Sauvignon Blanc wine, yet perfectly balanced with the underlying complexity of our premium Dry Gin.

Tasting Notes: New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc is world famous for its bursting passionfruit, lime and green apple flavours. These iconic Sauvignon Blanc flavours are perfectly balanced here with the underlying complexity of our Dry Gin. This is a world-first gin celebrating the best of New Zealand.

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