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Elephant Strength Gin

Elephant Strength Gin is a variation on the award-winning Elephant London Dry Gin, at 57% ABV this is stronger and mightier than the original, amplifying the aroma and fragrance of the unique mixture of botanicals, yet retaining the same smooth and balanced character that London Dry has become celebrated for.

Elephant Strength Gin

The origins of Navy Strength gin lend the spirit an appealing sense of history - back in the 18th century gin was extremely popular in the United Kingdom, so much so that the Royal Navy ruled that a minimum quantity of gin must be carried aboard every ship that toured the globe. The Navy also had a functional use for their favourite tipple - invented by a naval Doctor, the Gimlet was said to prevent scurvy, and the classic Gin & Tonic was also conceived on board, with the quinine in tonic warding off malaria. With gin production at its peak, Officers in the Royal Navy began to suspect greedy merchants and distillers supplying watered down gin - housing all of their barrels below deck, they soon realized that if gin spilled onto gunpowder and it failed to light, it was diluted gin. If it ignited, they were assured that they had gin of at least 57% ABV - this Gunpowder proof gin became what we know as Navy Strength Gin!

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