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Joseph Cartron Lychee

​The Lychee originates from China – traces of its cultivation go back over 2000 years. This very juicy fruit, also called Chinese Cherry, has a very delicate taste close to that of the rose. The aromatic power, the energy of the fruit as well as its freshness are all faithfully reproduced in Joseph Cartron’s Lychee liqueur. Unusual, astonishing in the concoction of surprising cocktails.

Joseph Cartron Lychee

To the eye: limpid, transparent, crystal-clear robe.To the nose: the nose is open and intense. The purity of the fruit remains with hints of softness.In the mouth: the first wave is mellow. The finale is fruity with a good persistence. Hints of faded roses at the end. Essential in the making of numerous cocktails. Adds a gourmet touch to cooking and desserts.

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