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Joseph Cartron Peche de Vigne (Peach)

​The Burgundian vine-growers used to plant this variety of peach tree in the middle of their vineyards in order to prevent certain illnesses that attacked the vine plants. Today, the fruits selected to make the Joseph Cartron Crème de Pêche de Vigne de Bourgogne are grown on the neighbouring slopes of the Hautes Côtes de Bourgogne. These little white, red veined flesh peaches give its gorgeous golden colour and unequalled aromatic power to this Fruit Liqueur.

Joseph Cartron Peche de Vigne (Peach)

To the eye: golden, very brilliant robe. Great fluidity and tight rivulets.To the nose: pure, open and lavish. No surprise as to the excellent origin of the fruit. The nose is very elegant, that of fresh fruit.In the mouth: the mouth is round, oily with a rich texture and in retroolfaction the purity of the fruit. Very good persistence between 10 to 15 on the caudalie scale. Delicious straight on ice. Essential in the making of numerous cocktails. Adds a gourmet touch to cooking and desserts.

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