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Joseph Cartron Pomme Verte (Apple)

​Often called Manzana Verde, our liqueur is produced thanks to the clever match of Granny Smith and Golden Delicious apples. The fruits making up the juices used to elaborate Joseph Cartron’s Pomme Verte Liqueur are selected in the best orchards. Their quality perfectly reveals the delicious acidity of the Granny-Smith. The incorporation of a little quantity of Golden Delicious brings to this liqueur the good sweet taste of the fruit and a very pleasant length in mouth.

Joseph Cartron Pomme Verte (Apple)

To the eye: crystal-clear and transparent robe with a beautiful brilliance. Very fluid in the glass.To the nose: the nose is ample, striking and intense. Purity of the fruit with feelings of freshness without heaviness. The apple variety comes out behind each aromatic palette.In the mouth: the first wave is fresh and well-balanced. No feeling of sugarness. Orchard fruit purity comes out. The finale is pure with feelings of citrus fruits. Delicious on the rocks. Essential in the making of numerous cocktails.

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