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Joseph Cartron Sureau (Elderflower)

​Since antiquity, the medieval virtues of Elderflower were widely recognized in the Westernworld then in the East where the plant was used both for its dark berries, its leaves and even its bark. No doubt the flowers are the most aromatic part of the plant and they enter into the composition of the extract used to create the Joseph Cartron Liqueur. Selected in Austria and Hungary where the quality of their production is optimum, their scented flowers confer their fruity and ageably tart notes to the liqueur, as well as their fresh, greddy and delicately floral character.

Joseph Cartron Sureau (Elderflower)


To the eye : The robe is crystal-clear with yellow hues. The brillance announces a lovely aromatic freshness in the mouth. The disk is luminous and very syrupy on the rim of the glass.To the nose : The nose is a remarkable elegance, delicate, subtle and very expressive. The aromatic finesse of the white flowers comes forward.In the mouth : The first wave is soft and round ; follows a very pure and very fresh texture in the mouth. The sweetness is discreet. The finale is subtly floral with notes of tart fruits. Very good length in the mouth. Delicious pure on ice. Essential in the making of numerous cocktails.

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