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KWV 5yo Brandy

​Built on a 300 year heritage, KWV 5 Year Old Brandy is quality in a bottle. The smooth, amber coloured liquid, is produced from carefully selected wines, double-distilled in copper pot stills then followed by 5 years of maturation in small oak casks. Renowned for its versatility, this brandy is a celebration of the art of blending by KWV’s renowned brandy masters.

KWV 5yo Brandy

​KWV 5 Year Old Brandy is a blend of 5 year old pot still brandy and unagedwine spirits. Bright copper colour with a gold ochre hue. An opulent bouquet includes dried fig, raisins, clove and toffee apple. Christmas pudding, dried figs and café-crème on the palate. Toffee apple and vanilla aftertaste.

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