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KWV Van Der Hum Liqueur

​ A unique tangerine flavoured liqueur, KWV Van Der Hum is produced in the Cape winelands of South Africa. A blend of five year old posthill brandy, wine distillate, tangerine peel, herbs and spices. The extracts are sweetened with glucose and cane sugar syrup.

KWV Van Der Hum Liqueur

Van Der Hum means literally, “From Mr. H’m”. Legend has it that several men laid claim to the origination of this remarkable liqueur that has so quickly brought fame to the Cape the world over. To avoid serious trouble, it was agreed to share the honours by bestowing on the liqueur the name of the anonymous “From Mr. H’m”.

KWV Van Der Hum Liqueur

​KWV Van Der Hum Liqueur has a complex citrus flavour enhanced by fragrant, mild spicy notes. Mellow and sweet with a lingering spicy aftertaste. It is deep golden amber in colour.

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