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Nonino Cru Picolit

“Still sends chills down my spine when I taste it. The prototypical grappa of this generation and probably of one to two generations to come. The most harmonious unaged grape-based spirit that I know. Perfection from the alluringly nuanced bouquet to the firm, tight-as-a-drum but bountiful taste that lasts and lasts. Superlative; an elixir of the top echelon”.F. Paul Pacult, Spirit Journal - June 2011

Nonino Cru Picolit

​Created in 1973 by Giannola and Benito Nonino, it is obtained in limited quantity by distilling the pomace of grapes which have been selected according to the uniqueness of the vine and the production zone or Cru. The distillation of the pomace from a single vine is the Nonino revolution in the way of producing and introducing Grappa in Italy and in the World! The bottle is handmade using dated hand-blown bottles. Dated, numbered and limited production.

Nonino Cru Picolit

​Aristocratic elegant and pure; unique in its balance and elegance, its fragrance is reminiscent of a honeycomb full of honey, a clear scent of acacia flowers and ripe quince apples, of fresh muscatel and just collected figs.

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