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Spinyback Nelson Sauvignon Blanc

​Several different vineyards and parcels of fruit come together to create this wine. Each parcel of fruit possessing its own distinct characters. Grapes from each site were machine harvested with optimal flavor, and delivered to the winery where they were then de-stemmed with minimal crushing to the presses and the juice pressed off to tank. Once the juice was clarified the individual parcels were fermented with yeast chosen to enhance the varietal expression. Ferment temperatures were kept cool to help maintain primary fruit flavours.The fermentations were arrested when a good balance was found in the wine and the process of finishing off the wine began. The individual wines were racked off their yeast lees and blended together. Heat and cold stability was carried out including a light fining to ‘round off’ the wine. The wine was then cross flow filtered.

Spinyback Nelson Sauvignon Blanc

​In 1993 the Bolitho’s planted their first vineyard of two hectares - the Hill Vineyard. In total they now have over 140 hectares of vineyards.

Produced to honour and help protect the Tuatara, the world’s last living link to the dinosaur, Spinyback wines offer exceptional value. A ‘living fossil’ and meaning ‘the spinybacked one’ in New Zealand’ indigenous Maori language, the Tuatara has been found only in New Zealand for the last 60 million years. Each purchase of Spinyback wine provides direct funding to assist local conservation efforts in the preservation and protection of this special last remaining ‘Sphenodontida’ species in dedicated sanctuaries.

Spinyback Nelson Sauvignon Blanc

​The varied components in this wine donate different nuances. On the nose there are both ripe characters of pineapple and tropical fruits punctuated by zesty citrus. Likewise the palate is both ripe and rich but crisp and refreshing to finish. A mineral character typical from the Waimea Plains weaves its way through this wine creating a certain ‘crunch’ to the wine and good length.

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