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StrangeLove Dry Ginger Tonic

If this ginger mixer was a person, we are not sure you’d want to be friends with it. Delightfully unstable, it calls on an unholy trinity of fiery Australian buderim ginger juice. Fijian ging extract and a lick of Szechuan pepper to create an exciting and lively heat experience that will stay with you long after the party is over.

StrangeLove Dry Ginger Tonic

StrangeLove was founded by James Bruce and Stafford Fox in Byron Bay, New South Wales, in 2012. Ultimately creating Australia’s first organic craft mixer company. The eclectic variety of mixers that resulted are created using only locally sourced, organic ingredients, and unrefined sugar. Ingredient focused, the mixers are meant to complement all spirits, but gin in particular. StrangeLove believes that high-end and top shelf spirits should be complemented by super-premium mixers that bring out all of their peak flavours.

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