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StrangeLove Light Tonic

Our Light Tonic was made for the true gin lovers. The goal was to create a super-dry Indian tonic that allowed for the nuances of top shelf gin to shine through. While most slim tonics use artificial flavours and sweeteners, we used good old-fashioned sorcery and witchcraft. The result is a tonic that truly respects the craft of gin.

StrangeLove Light Tonic

StrangeLove was founded by James Bruce and Stafford Fox in Byron Bay,

New South Wales, in 2012. Ultimately creating Australia’s first organic craft
mixer company. The eclectic variety of mixers that resulted are created using
only locally sourced, organic ingredients, and unrefined sugar. Ingredient
focused, the mixers are meant to complement all spirits, but gin in particular.
StrangeLove believes that high-end and top shelf spirits should be complemented
by super-premium mixers that bring out all of their peak flavours.

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