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Suffolk Strong - bottle

​Almost hidden from view among modern production vessels at Greene King’s Bury St Edmund’s brewery are some wooden vessels holding an amazing liquid that forms part of the brewery’s bottled Strong Suffolk Ale. The beer is a fascinating and possibly unique example of an 18th centuryʺcountry beerʺ. Suffolk Strong is a blend of two ales: Old 5X , which is brewed to the maximum strength possible (around 12% abv) and left to mature in 100-barrel oak vats for a minimum of two years, and BPA, a dark, full-bodied freshly brewed beer which is added just before bottling. The result is a unique beer – strong (6% abv), dark, fruity, oaky and very, very special!

Suffolk Strong - bottle

​World’s Best Wood-Aged Beer - World Beer Awards ‘07

Suffolk Strong - bottle

​Strong Suffolk is dark and intense, almost ruby in colour, with an appetising spicy fruit cake aroma. A full-bodied ale, it combines flavours of oak, caramel and burnt toffee that will march across the palate.

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