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Waimea Nelson Classic Riesling

​Harvested very early morning and icy cold the fruit for this Riesling came from our Hunter Block. Once at the winery the grapes were processed to the press and the press cycles carefully watched to separate out the free run and light pressings from the heavier more phenolic pressings. The press cut was made when the extraction of flavour was good and just light dusty phenloics were beginning to show in the juice. We hoped to maintain the fresh aromatics typical to Riesling but also create a delicate phenolic structure to the wine. Once cold settled the clean (low grape solids) juice was racked and inoculated with a German yeast strain chosen for its ability to enhance Riesling varietal characters. The ensuing cool ferment stretched over an extended period to maximise aromatics. When the acid and sugar levels were deemed in balance, the ferment was stopped by cooling. The wine was then steadily prepared for bottling with no further winemaking intervention in the hope to capture the pure primary fruit notes.

Waimea Nelson Classic Riesling

​In 1993 the Bolitho’s planted their first vineyard of two hectares - the Hill Vineyard. In total they now have over 140 hectares of vineyards.

Waimea Nelson Classic Riesling

Aromas of jasmine entwined with citrus peel. This citrus character runs through the palate and has a white honey flavour tempering a crisp acidity and the stony minerality so often seen in wines off the Plains. Though this wine carries a little over 13.5g/L of residual sugar, an overt sweetness is not perceived as it is nicely balanced by the acidity and minerality tending to add a scrumptiousness to the wine rather than a cloying sweetness. It is a congenial lunchtime wine, stimulating aperitif, or lively dinner companion - try with pork belly and caramelized apple.

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