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Waimea Nelson Gruner Veltliner

​This is our third harvest of Grüner Veltliner – a white grape variety traditionally grown in the winemaking regions of Austria, Slovakia and the Czech Republic The grapes coming from a very small piece of our Annabrook vineyard, the Railway Reserve, a narrow stretch of land – only 3 rows of vines wide that was originally a Railway track. An Austrian yeast strain was chosen for its ability to enhance varietal characters and ferment temperatures were kept cool to help preserve these.

Waimea Nelson Gruner Veltliner

​Grüner Veltliner has been believed to date back to Roman times with its name is derived from Veltlin (Valtellina) in northern Italy though ampelographers and wine historians have yet to find a link between the grape and the Italian commune. The grape is likely indigenous to Austria.

Waimea Nelson Gruner Veltliner

​The nose of this wine has alluring florals, cardomon and baked white nectarines slathered in vanilla custard! The palate is at once fleshy and savoury, overlaid with characters seen on the nose. On the finish minerality, spice and a splosh of seawater intertwine creating a long and interesting finish. An excellent and versatile food wine – particularly good with fresh oysters - experiment and enjoy!

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