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Yellow Tail Pinot Noir

​You know those nights when you just want to open a bottle, slosh a bit in a glass, plonk down on the couch and tuck in? Well Pinot Noir is the variety for you. You see, Pinot is versatile; it has a medium weight and plenty of bright fruit flavour but shows enough juiciness to satisfy even in the warmer months. Handy if you want to drink red all-year round. If Pinot was a sports person it would be known as the ultimate all-rounder

Yellow Tail Pinot Noir

​The Casella family has produced wines since the 1820s in Italy. However in 1957 the Casella family, headed by Filippo Casella and his wife Maria, moved to Australia for a better life. In 1965, they bought land near the township of Yenda outside of Griffith in New South Wales, and here they began their grape growing. Grape growing became wine making, and wine making needed a winery, and so a few more years down the track and in 1969 their winery was born. After years of toil and great success the Casellas took another step and 2001 saw the creation of [yellow tail].

Yellow Tail Pinot Noir

​Very pretty and appealing notes of strawberry, violet and dark cherry. Here we have the lightest weight red wine in the [yellow tail] portfolio with bright and fresh flavours of cherries, plums and spice. Serve with duck! Duck is Pinot Noir’s best friend!

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