CH’I joins Federal Merchants & Co.

June 22nd 2022

NZ premium beverage distributor Federal Merchants & Co. has signaled a strategic move towards non-alcoholic beverages by entering a distribution agreement with the CH’I Herbal Drinks Co. that will see CH’I sold in the places New Zealanders buy beverages for leisure and socialising. This will commence from July 1st 2022.

The CH’I Herbal Drinks Co. is a recent rebadging of this unique New Zealand drink business following a rethink of strategy under the guidance of Debbie Humphries of Spring with scholarship funding from BNZ.

Federal Merchants & Co. Head of Sales Mark Mayers said “There is so much in common between our businesses. We are both owned by ordinary New Zealanders, we are both ambitious for New Zealanders to have great options when they relax and take time out. In our experience there is nothing but upside for healthy, quality, zero alcohol adult beverages.”

CH’I was founded in the late 1980’s and led a trend towards consumers selecting nature inspired beverages that is now exploding. CH’I Managing Director Ray Nicholls said “Federal Merchants & Co. will do a fantastic job of taking CH’I into a step change of availability across New Zealand. They are going to lead out with some very cool product innovations we’ll release soon. For us it’s all about consumers in the moments they take time out, look after themselves better, reflect and reconnect with what’s important in life.”

CH’I was first sold in 1987 and made famous with a TV commercial that mocked the sound of opening the bottle with the phrase “Ch’i - the drink that knows its own name”. The drinks have herbal extracts as their base which are handcrafted from real herbs by the company at Riverhead, New Zealand.