October 13th 2021


Cazcabel Tequila, offering a range of premium and authentic tequilas, has officially launched into New Zealand this month. Blessed by Don Cazcabel, the mythical Mexican curador and “Snakeman” of the Jalisco Mountains, the range includes Blanco, Coffee, Coconut, Honey and Reposado.

A faithful student of Toltec, Olmec and Aztec traditions, Don Cazcabel’s philosophy is to take natural ingredients from the land and give them new meaning and life. He is a healer with powers that attract Mexicans from hundreds of miles around.

Cazcabel Tequila is the result of Don’s pursuit to craft the perfect tequila and four award-winning generations have since perfected every batch in an independent micro distillery in the highlands of the Jalisco Mountains. Cazcabel’s Master Distiller uses only the finest, locally grown, seven-year-old Blue Weber agave with the right balance of acid and sugar to create Cazcabel’s unique taste.

Head of Brand and Business strategy at Federal Merchants & Co, Cazcabel’s New Zealand distributor, Michael Morton says, “We’re so excited to launch one of the fastest growing tequila brands the world here in New Zealand. Cazcabel’s aim is to offer a range of authentic premium tequilas that allow consumers to explore the category in new and exciting ways. The range, particularly the flavours, opens up Tequila to new drinking occasions beyond late night and can be sipped neat or savoured in cocktails. With international travel off the cards for the foreseeable future, what better way to experience Mexico?”

So, if you’re intrigued and need to decide on which flavour is calling your name, then look no further:

Cazcabel Blanco - At the heart of Cazcabel’s range, the spirit is fashioned from sun-baked blue weber agave from the heart of the Jalisco region. Fresh, crisp and with a rustic hit of earthy agave, this tequila is truly one to be sipped and savoured. RRP $74.99, ABV: 38%.

Cazcabel Coffee - Using the fresh and earthy base of the Blanco, Cazcabel Coffee blends in a roasted sweet hit of luxury coffee for the perfect balance of sweetness and bitterness. It’s a stunning shot that can be used in innovative cocktails or enjoyed neat over nice. RRP $64.99, ABV 34%.

Cazcabel Honey - This multi-award-winning tipple is one of the world’s first honey tequilas! With the fresh, earthy and dry Blanco at its heart, Cazcabel Honey adds a dose of sweet nectar to the blend. An intense aroma of honey and rich caramel packs a punch for cocktails and drinks. RRP $64.99, ABV 34%.

Cazcabel Coconut – The crisp citrus edge of Blanco has been paired with the succulent sweetness and earthy tones of Cazcabel coconuts. Providing rich, sweet & warm hits of coconut layered over agave notes. Cazcabel Coconut is the perfect addition for a taste of the tropics. RRP $64.99, ABV 34%.

Cazcabel Reposado - Rested in American oak barrels for nine to eleven months, it balances the clean and earthy agave flavour of the double distilled Blanco with the complex but subtle aromas of toasted oak. RRP $79.99, ABV 38%.