Peanut butter lovers rejoice! Sheep Dog, NZ’s first breed of PB whiskey is officially here!

May 12th 2022

For the first time ever, New Zealanders will have the chance to get their paws, and lips, on deliciously smooth peanut butter whiskey. After making a splash across the US and in AUS, Sheep Dog Whiskey is bringing its unique liquid gold to NZ to satisfy peanut butter lovers and whiskey fans alike. Although the idea of combining these two classic flavours sounds a little nutty, Sheep Dog is already herding the pack and has quickly become a fan favourite. Produced in the USA this flavoured whiskey is bursting with natural peanut butter flavours, notes of vanilla and caramel popcorn with warm whiskey undertones. Best served as a chilled shot or a nutty twist on a classic cocktail, like the peanut butter espresso martini. Trust us, it’s the mutt’s nuts.