Federal Merchants is proud to now be distributing Dom Benedictine.

May 17th 2022

Benedictine is united by a quest to achieve the extraordinary that begins with Benedictine monk Dom Bernardo Vincelli and the Abbey of Fecamp in Normandy, France.

The secret recipe of Benedictine dates back to 1510 and is based on local medicinal plants enhanced by oriental spices.

Benedictine is an elixir; a subtle alchemy of 27 herbs and spices carefully sourced from around the world and hand-selected by the Master Herbalist.

From traditional roots including Angelica root, which is renowned for its healing properties, to saffron, the most expensive spice in the world, each ingredient is carefully chosen to create the harmonious balance of the elixir.

Essential to the production process is the blending of fine honey and saffron, to give a balanced, rich texture.

Enjoy DOM Benedictine neat, or in such cocktails as the Singapore Sling or The Benediction.